Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toilets and Towels

How about that attention-grabbing title?  And what does it have to do with homeschooling?  Well, I'll tell ya.  Since I'm now home full-time I am trying to get my act together and get into a regular cleaning routine.  When I was working full-time I had to just try to fit cleaning in whenever I had a chance.  I've seen on some of the blogs I read how some people assign a cleaning task to a day of the week.  It reminds me of some cute little embroidered dish towels my mom used to use to dry dishes.  Each towel had a little sunbonnet girl doing a various task such as washing, dusting, ironing, etc.  (Sidenote:  Ironing is never on my to-do list.  I'm just sayin'....)  Anyway, I've come up with a pretty simple routine that I think I can stick with.  It definitely doesn't encompass all the little daily cleaning tasks I do anyway, but it does emphasize a particular area each day of the week.   I can't remember which blog I adapted this from, but here it is.  I liked this particular sequence of tasks in particular because they are alliterative and thus easy for me to remember.

Monday:  Menu planning & Market day  (My husband usually does our grocery shopping once each week on his way home from work.  I realize how awesome that is.  So......I'll probably do menu-planning over the weekend and use any extra time on Mondays doing prep-ahead tasks for the meals we'll eat each week.)

Tuesday:  Toilets and Towels  (With two little boys I have to give daily attention to toilets, but this will remind me to focus a bit extra on the bathrooms on Tuesdays.  I'll also remember to launder and put out fresh towels each Tuesday.)

Wednesday:  Wash  (I do at least a load of laundry every day of the week it seems.  However, I have not been on a regular schedule of changing out and washing our sheets on the beds.  So, I'm going to remember to strip the beds and put fresh sheets on every Wednesday.

Thursday:  Dust (This one doesn't start with "TH", so if I forget to dust on Thursdays that's my excuse.  haha!)

Friday:  Floors  (I have to vacuum and sweep several times each week due to two boys, one dog and three cats in our home.  However, on Fridays I'm going to put in a little extra effort and steam vac a room (as needed) or steam mop the floors.

Hopefully by sticking with this routine, I'll break up the cleaning and be able to have less cleaning to do on the weekends.  When I worked full-time, I usually ended up doing most of  my cleaning after church on Sunday.  (I know, I know...........it's supposed to be a day of rest.)

What's your cleaning routine?  Post it in the comments section.  I'd love to hear some new ideas.

Oh........one more thing.  Two of my absolute favorite cleaners right now are:

I love great-smelling cleaners that have a clean, fresh scent.  I absolutely despise using any cleaners with a chemical smell.  I use both of these cleaners almost everywhere, on counters, floors, and pretty much any other surface.  Nothing compares to a clean, fresh-smelling house!!
Gotta go scrub some toilets...........it's Tuesday, after all........


  1. I have tried Method but not Meyers...will pick some up next time I am out. Thanks for sharing your schedule!!!

  2. I have been following FlyLady (http://flylady.net/) for about two years, and it's made a HUGE improvement on how clean my house is.

    I do love the Meyers cleaning supplies, but I like my Lysol all-purpose.

  3. I second Deanna. I have been using Flylady since Baby #1!!!

  4. First I want to say thank you for your other blog! I love it!!! I am starting a oreschool this year and have loved having it as a resource. I was reading through your MJ blog. I would like the downloads for your word drawers but they won't pull up right. Would you mind emailing them to meat davidandamy99@gmail.com?

  5. I love your system. And I love Method and Shakley too. The Shakley cherry scrub? It cleans anything that you've never been able to clean before! Like your stove top, the grease off your oven door and off of your glass pans, it's a miracle worker! I'm buying for Christmas gifts this year. :)

    I really want to get a good schedule down and this cleaning one is a good inspiration. I seem to lose the schedules by Christmas so maybe if I can KISS (keep it simple), I can do better this year. :(