Thursday, September 22, 2011

FIAR: The Story of Little Babaji

Technically The Story of Little Babaji is not a Five in a Row book.  Truly though, any book can be used the FIAR way.  Since I'm trying to align our FIAR books with the country we're studying in Expedition Earth, I needed a book set in India and this one fit the bill.  Those of you who are near my age may remember the original version of this story which was called Little Black Sambo.  In efforts to be more policitally correct and culturally sensitive, the newer version was written.  Most of the main story elements remain the same, however.

We did not do any projects to go with this book.  However, a few that would be good companion activities include this Taj Mahal coloring page (NOTE:  The Taj Mahal is not in the story, but is important to the study of India.) and this game from Homeschoolshare.  I actually printed and laminated the game for the boys to play but so far we haven't fit it in. The Homeschoolshare link also includes a bunch of other ideas for using this book.

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