Friday, March 30, 2012

Grammar the Montessori Way

OK..........I LOVE the way grammar is taught in the Montessori method.  Again, once I had my A-ha!/Duh! moment, I didn't know why I hadn't decided from the get-go to teach grammar the Montessori way.  I tried Easy Grammar for a while with my oldest son, and First Language Lessons with my youngest for a while.  I cannot really find fault with either of those resources, and I'm sure they are a great fit for many a homeschooling family.  However, I am really excited to delve into the Montessori way with both my sons.  I could not do it without having these free online albums for reference. My Montessori 3-6 year old training online very lightly touched on grammar.  The online elementary-aged albums go into great depth and provide a wealth of activities for teaching grammar.

In addition to the online albums, I ordered a few materials.  I purchased THIS STENCIL from Alison's Montessori.  And I purchased this set of wooden grammar symbols from Caliber Montessori.  In future posts I'll be able to show you how we'll use those materials. 

The first lesson I gave the boys was to just explain to them that words are classified into various types which we call "parts of speech".  Each part of speech has its own special symbol, and we used the stencil to record those symbols in our grammar notebooks.  Future lessons will focus specifically on the various parts of speech.

Fourth grader's notebook page

First grader's notebook page

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  1. I'm excited to hear how you are returning towards Montessori. I used Montessori materials and sequence for my DD for preschool and K level work, but then when she started doing first grade work, I lost confidence in myself for teaching Montessori (I am not trained in either primary or elementary). How are you liking the quality of the materials you purchased at Caliber. I usually order from Kid Advance and have been happy with their quality for the money, but I noticed that Caliber is cheaper. I once deviated from ordering from Kid Advance to order from Adena and deeply regretted it.